Equality and Diversity Foundation Training Course

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A one day training course designed to raise awareness of your understanding and responsibilities in relation to Equality and Diversity.

This interactive and stimulating training session is designed to concentrate on improving your knowledge of Equality and Diversity issues;

We use an interactive, hands on approach whilst sharing good practice and supporting delegates to understand and apply Equality and Diversity principles within the workplace more effectively.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at people who are looking for a basic grounding in equality and diversity issues. No previous knowledge is required. It would, for example, suit people working for organisations that provide services to local authorities and needs to evidence a knowledge of equality and diversity practices and procedures.

 Overview of Training

  • To raise awareness of Legislation and the different equality characteristics
  • To explore how to effectively embed Equality and Diversity into everyday practice
  • To examine areas of the Equality Act 2010

By the end of the training you will be:

  •  Familiar with the principles of equality and diversity and why they are important
  •  Familiar with the relevant legislation
  •  Familiar with organisational strategies on equality and diversity
  •  Familiar with organisational policies on equality and diversity
  •  Familiar with your rights and responsibilities

You will be awarded a Certificate on successful completion of the Course

Course Dates

We have no current plans to run this as an open course.

We can deliver this course in-house on your own business premises. Please contact us for more details




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