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All of our courses can be run in house, at you  place of work, a venue selected by you and at a time that meets your staffing/business requirements.

There are clear benefits to delivering equality and diversity training in- house and all of our clients tell us that it is crucial to be able to apply learning to their own environments

Cost Effective

Apart from other benefits, it is extremely cost effective, as the fee is fixed for up to 20 delegates. This means that a full day's training can cost as little as 35.00 per delegate. We do work with more than 20 but this will increase the number of facilitators as we need to ensure that participation, interaction and experiential learning remains key to our delivery; In addition:

  1. All courses are tailored to meet individual organisations' needs as all organisations have different cultures and requirements; even though they may be required to adhere to equality legislation and challenges, the way that they approach this will be different.
  2. Benefits - cheaper for you as we train up to 20 delegates and provide value for money.
  3. Peer learning and sharing of good practice is a key benefit to in-house training.

Our in house courses use the approach of interactive, participative and lively debate. We use case studies, activities and equality debates to reach our conclusions. We involve all delegates to ensure  that they get the best experience from the sessions.

To find out more contact us.  Let us know what type of training you are looking for, how many people you want to be trained, where you want the training to take place, and when. We will get back to you with our ideas and costings.
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If you require further information about our seminars and training, please contact us

To find out how to join the Equality and Diversity Network, click here

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Our responsibilities go beyond the training programme and training day/s to ensure that what is learnt is actually implemented. To facilitate this transition, we invite everyone who attends one of our training programmes to join the Equality and Diversity Network and to access our resources, advice and guidance.

Membership of the equality and Diversity Network allow participants to contact us following a programme if they have any questions or are having difficulty putting into practice what they have learnt. Join Equality and Diversity Network


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