Preparing for Ofsted Inspection - Equality and Diversity

preparing for ofsted inspection equality and diversity

For colleges, The Common Inspection Framework now includes, ‘Equality and Diversity’, as both a limiting and contributory grade. In simple terms the grade awarded at inspection for Equality and Diversity contributes to the overall grade awarded for Leadership and Management, but now poor performance in the area of Equality and Diversity also limits the maximum grade that can be awarded for the all important area of Overall Effectiveness

This will change later this year - please look for updates on this site.

This course will be suitable for all those organisations subject to OFSTED inspections (Common Inspection Framework) and will be particularly suitable for managers in the learning and skills sector.

Through the use of case studies and good practice exemplars, the course will focus on how to ensure equality of access to services and provision and how to best demonstrate success in this area prior to, and during inspections.

This course will provide lots of practical opportunities to explore with colleagues issues and challenges in relation to ensuring equality of opportunity as well as practical hands on activities aimed at improving practice.

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We have no current plans to run this as an open course.

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