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Equality and Diversity UK are a specialist training company focusing on equality and diversity in the private, public and voluntary sectors.  We provide training courses, seminars, resources and we run the Equality and Diversity Network. Take a look at the evaluations we have received

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Equality and Diversity UK offers consultancy, training and support to sole traders, small business and Third Sector organisations, as well as to Private and Public Sector organisations

It is our ambition to do more for all sectors to support the implementation of equality and diversity as well as developing the business case for equality.

This section of our site highlights areas of support that we currently offer and we would like you to access our services to meet your specific needs.

If you don't see an are of support listed here, don't assume that we do not offer it; contact us and we will discuss your needs with you

single equality policy  Support for the Third Sector - the government’s term for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises

 We will be organising a series of regional events around the country to help Third Sector organisations without websites to develop a website at a reasonable cost.

All Third Sector organisations signing on to our seminars will have access (via membership) to our website which will provide advice and guidance on ICT issues and future developments.

We will also be offering training and consultancy to the Third Sector which covers equality, ICT, policy development, HR management and much more.

Sign up for our half day seminars in October, November, December, and January. The cost of the seminar is £250.00 for the half day and for this fee we will develop a website for each of the organisations attending. Visit our seminars page to find out more


To find out more contact us. Let us know what type of help you are looking for. We will get back to you with our ideas and costings.

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