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Online Course Questionnaire

This pre-training questionnaire is designed to help us find out as much as possible from you about the training we will be carrying out for your organisation. The content of the training will be based on the answers you give us, so please be frank about your training needs and any issues you feel are relevant.

Our equality and diversity training is tailored to meet your specific needs. At the design stage our highly qualified training team will use the completed survey to meet your identified needs. Please outline below your training requirements

Please record your contact details and details about the session you require

To be considered Good/Excellent, an organisation would need to meet these basic criteria:
  • We regularly and consistently assess the EDI needs of the organisation.
  • All staff attending the training have been systematically inducted on our organisation's EDI policies, processes, procedures and practices.
  • All staff attending the training are aware, knowledgeable and have a sound understanding of the chosen training topic
  • Our organisation promotes equality, tackles all forms of discrimination and fosters positive relationships between diverse groups
  • Our organisation conducts staff/service user survey around their experience of EDI in our organisation
  • We have a diversity of staff working at all levels within the organisation
  • We have an established EDI committee with diverse members
  • We have Equality Champions across the organisation
  • Our senior leadership team lead on EDI
Having considered the statements above, give your organisation an overall grade.
Please answer this question honestly as the training is pitched at the level of understanding and experience based on responses