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Equality and Diversity Induction Packs

This resource provides an induction and refresher package for staff working in a range of capacities for colleges, work-based learning providers, voluntary and community sector organisations, public sector bodies and in the private sector.

It can be used to form the basis of induction training or guided self study for new and existing staff, including temporary staff, volunteers, trustees and people on work placement. In addition, it can be used flexibly to support delivery of equality and diversity sessions for those working directly with learners, service users, volunteers or staff.

It has the information you need to help you implement the Equality Act effectively in your organisation.

There are two packs in this set - one for trainers and one for learners

Good Practice Handbook for Education Providers
Trainers Pack
Price: £95.00
Learners Pack
Price: £95.00
Both Packs
Price: £150.00

Trainer's Pack

The pack has been developed as a practical toolkit to help staff meet their legal and professional obligations and follow a twin-track approach to equality and diversity: that of tackling inequalities and valuing diversity. It aims to:

  • remove any mystery and misconceptions and clearly explain the concepts of equality, diversity, inclusion and discrimination
  • suggest simple strategies for supporting equality and diversity in everyday situations that staff at all levels can put into practice straight away
  • offer practical advice on dealing with challenging situations in an effective way
  • demonstrate how embracing equality and diversity creates a better working environment for everyone
  • improve understanding and social awareness of why people behave differently and thus reduce the incidence of unwitting and unintentional discriminatory behaviour in the workplace.

The information in the pack is supplemented by a range of activities to help you test your understanding and apply your learning to your own situation. Many of the activities will kick start the preliminary thinking, planning and awareness raising processes you will need to embed equality and diversity into your area of work.

Equality and Diversity Induction Pack Learners Click for sample

Specifically for schools, under the new inspection framework (January 2012), inspectors have a duty to assess schools on:

  • how well the school is working towards eliminating discrimination, promoting equal opportunities and encouraging good race relations
  • how well the school strives to meet the diverse needs of all pupils
  • the extent to which the school meets the needs of the range of learners at the school, and in particular, those who have a disability as defined by the Equality Act 2010 and learners who have special educational needs
  • how well tutors manage the behaviour and expectations of learners to ensure that all learners have an equal and fair chance to thrive and learn in an atmosphere of respect and dignity.

In the event that a learning provider of any kind is judged to be inadequate in equality and diversity and challenging discrimination, the learning provider’s overall effectiveness is also likely to be deemed inadequate.

The modules in the resource pack will help you to understand the steps you need to take in order to embed equality and diversity into all teaching and learning practice and activity.


About the resource
About the pack
1 Why is equality and diversity important?
What do we mean by equality and diversity?
Why is it important?
2 What does the law say?
Who does the law protect?
What sort of discrimination is unlawful?
What else does a public body have to do?
3 What does it all mean for you?
The importance of complying with the law
Your employer’s responsibilities
Your personal responsibilities
4 Making yourself more ‘equality and diversity aware’
Recognising your own prejudices
Developing cultural and social awareness
5 Good practice ideas to help you meet your responsibilities
Being more inclusive in what you say
Being more inclusive in what you do
Challenging unacceptable behaviour
Planning your future contribution
Appendix: Further information
Useful websites

Learner's Pack

This Equality and Diversity pack provides teaching staff with advice, guidance and session plans that will help them to explore the key issues with learners, explain complex legislation simply and clearly and act on the organisation’s equality duty by promoting the benefits of embracing equality and diversity.

The contents comprise:

  • Session plans with learning objectives, resources required, key word lists, introductory activities, main learning activity and plenary with ideas for differentiation for learners with learning disabilities
  • Handouts for learners, including differentiated versions where appropriate
  • Notes for facilitators and answer sheets that provide additional and background information to inform the activities and enhance the learners’ learning experience.

The activities in this pack can be used to support the following curriculum areas, either in isolation or as a planned programme of equality and diversity learning.

Equality and Diversity Induction Pack Learners Click for sample
Session Contents
1.  What do we mean by equality and diversity? Introductory activity to help learners understand the language of equality and diversity
Main activity exploring equality legislation
2.  Why is it important? Introductory activity to help learners explore their range of social contacts
Main activity to examine responsibilities
3.  Barriers to equality Introductory activity to examine the four types of discrimination recognised by equality legislation
Main activity to identify how the law protects people
4.  Challenging unacceptable behaviour Introductory activity to examine equality law
Main activity to challenge unacceptable behaviour
5.  Developing cultural and social awareness Introductory activity to explore the use of language
Main activity to help learners develop cultural and social awareness
6.  Promoting equality Introductory activity to examine diversity within the learning environment/local community
Main activity to promote equality and diversity within learning environment


Equality and Diversity Induction: Trainers Pack: £95.00

Equality and Diversity Induction: Learners Pack: £95.00

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