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Testimonials from delegates on our Equality and Diversity Training Courses

We value feedback and ask for it from our delegates after every training session or seminar. Here is a small example of the feedback we have received.

Equality and Diversity UK provide in-house courses throughout the country. Using information provided by you on our pre-course questionnaire, we tailor the training to your needs and circumstances, whether you want a single workshop for your managers, trainers or team leaders or a series of sessions for the whole organisation.

All in-house training courses are charged at £895 for a full day. This means that, for a group of 20 delegates, the cost can be as little as £45 per delegate. 

For full details, please visit our Training Page
A full day course for up to 20 delegates is £895 - less than £45 per delegate. Find out more
equality and diversity training testimonial

Kettering Borough Council

Well delivered and thoroughly engaging

Excellent course. Very enthusiastic trainer

equality and diversity training testimonial

The Crown Estate - Edinburgh

A very interesting and thought provoking session.

Very capable, experienced, expert trainer

equality and diversity training reference

South Yorkshire Pension Authority

I feel like the session gave a real in depth view on what equality and diversity is and how we can put this into practice on a daily basis

equality and diversity training testimonial

Uniac - Internal audit and assurance to universities

I am now more aware and mindful around personal bias and how my actions impact upon others.
Great session. I thought it was going to be wasn't.
equality and diversity training testimonial

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

Excellent and very engaging

Very well delivered. I will encourage other colleagues to  attend this session

equality and diversity training testimonial

Birmingham Museums

Excellent trainer. Useful resources given

Excellent delivery. Would like to see this trainer again in the future

equality and diversity training testimonial

Association of School and College Leaders

Excellent session. Engaging and enlightening.

Informative and appropriately challenging

equality and diversity training testimonial

TriplePiont Investment Management

Very useful session which has given me lots to think about- thank you

Have absolutely loved this Ann. Thank you.

Thank you for an insightful session
equality and diversity training testimonial

Metropolitan Police Force

I found this training course extremely useful.

I really liked Ann's delivery of the course, it was relaxed and enjoyable; it encouraged participation and was engaging.

equality and diversity training testimonial

Salford City College

An excellent in-depth presentation by a compassionate lecturer.
I am going away with a better understanding and awareness of Gender and Trans.

Excellent course. Very enthusiastic trainer
equality and diversity training testimonial


Very interesting and thought-provoking session

Challenged viewpoints and perceptions, especially the organisational implementation of the Equality Act.
equality and diversity training testimonial

Knowsley Community College

Thank you Alyson. A very informative and enjoyable session

Thank you for sharing your expertise and passion

equality and diversity training testimonial

Sport England

Great tutor made the learning enjoyable yet informative.

Very well run session!

equality and diversity training testimonial

Chartered Institute of Linguists

Really excellent session that involved lots of participation

Danny has a very engaging delivery style.
equality and diversity training testimonial

Holy Cross College

Really good, enjoyable session. I found it really engaging and interactive

Alyson was brilliant.
equality and diversity training testimonial

Mitie Care and Custody

Very well planned. Everything was above my expectations and was really well presented.

Extremely enjoyable. Should be a full day course.
equality and diversity training testimonial

Torbay Local Authority

A very informative, educational and enjoyable session.

New laws explained and legislation explained in a simple fashion

equality and diversity training testimonial

St Mary's School

The most engaging training session I have done in some time.

Great trainer and really relevant case studies

equality and diversity training testimonial

British Gas

Very informative, good recent examples used to deliver the information. Lots of engagement and practical exercises. Really enjoyed it.
I can take learning/actions away from this session and use in my own role. Thank you
equality and diversity training testimonial

Kettle's Yard

Great trainer - lively and effective. Obviously works in a number of settings which is good to refer to as the arts sector feels like a bubble so it is always helpful to reflect on what happens in other organisations

equality and diversity training testimonial

Derby Police

A sensitive subject put across and handled very well indeed.

I found the training engaging and definitely made an impression on challenges facing the unit in this area

equality and diversity training testimonial

Pinewood School

Excellent. Thank you so much.

Very approachable. Promoted an environment where I felt comfortable with expressing ideas and asking questions

equality and diversity training testimonial

Farnham Maltings

Good training style and atmosphere made things understandable and relevant

equality and diversity training testimonial

Arsenal Football Club

A very informative and thought provoking day.

It highlighted a number of issues that need to be addressed

Feedback from Lived Experiences of Racism in the Workplace session - October 2023

I can't describe the effect the powerful stories from those that shared them had on me. Someone said they were angry and I felt that and sadness but also hope and absolute admiration. Thank you.

It was a really positive, but sobering experience. The format allowed space for the human library books to speak, but also ensured that participants could contribute and ask questions. Really appreciate the presenters sharing what were personal and difficult stories, as I can imaging how vulnerable and angry those stories could still make them, but it was also evident how these experiences had empowered and emboldened them to fight for change for themselves and others. Increasingly - it made me want to stand with them, and support the change they so powerfully made a case for.

Good structured session. Very well presented. Love how Alyson quickly turns comments/questions into slides, just like magic! Space for all attendees to have a voice.

Thank you for a powerful training session

I think the session was really engaging and offered a lot of insight from the panel. I think it would have been beneficial to have had more time for the Q&A session to really open up the dialogue and discuss ways forward

Very good lots of knowledge and appropriate material

Excellent ensured all participants were involved and felt free to provide examples of good or bad practice

Alyson was excellent I have learnt so much about the issues relating to E&D

Good / very knowledgeable enjoyable and interactive

Very knowledgeable / excellent very useful and informative

Outstanding an excellent ‘expert’ who is authoritative and clear excellent real life examples /

This is the second time I have been in a training session of Alyson’s and it was excellent once again in both delivery and content.

A very professional approach that will help me to focus on organisational and client needs

The session was different from my expectations. The group was much smaller than I expected which was a huge benefit, there were far more training tools available than one would usually find at a course and the trainer was happy to share training tips and ideas with the group or with us as individuals. I felt that the trainer was interested in us as individuals and the sectors we work in.

Definitely would recommend the course Speaker made the session relaxed. Had a style that I would wish I could emulate

An excellent course which really enhances your knowledge as skills as a trainer in this area

Alyson was extremely knowledgeable and brought the training to life. I was able to learn a lot from her own examples of providing training, which is something that you cannot get from a textbook

Excellent knowledge of area. Thank you. Very thought provoking

Very interesting. I learned a lot about myself and others

I enjoyed the training and learned from it

Very informative and eye-opening!. Thanks

The session was clearly well planned and delivered. The Trainer was an expert in her field. The training is an excellent tool to raise awareness of the importance and integration of equality and diversity in any organisations and its necessity to be upheld under the law.

Top notch - very effective delivery - very well prepared and informed - inspiring.

Very knowledgeable trainer - good delivery

Training course with excellent content delivered by a very experienced, competent and knowledgeable trainer

Very enjoyable, well presented, excellent manner and pitched at an understandable level By far the most enjoyable and informative diversity input I have received Excellent. Thank you

Having had several other day training with other organisations found this to be the most informative to take part in and fun. Delivery was excellent. Thanks

Informative course which has improved my knowledge in equality and diversity

Brilliant course, best delivery of a diversity course I have experienced in 23 years service

Very structured and knowledgeable presentation

I really enjoyed the DVD clip of Dame Tanni Grey -Thompson as it made me think about my own behaviour and feelings

Very informative and well delivered in an understanding manner (lay speak)

Very informative and eye opening, very good delivery from presenter, good group interaction

I have learned a lot today it will improve my confidence Thank you

Thanks, interesting, informative and ended my week of training on a high

"Very thought provoking. Excellent guest speaker, related issues to current topics. Probably the best training day I have attended! Correct pace, very interesting and a good variety of exercises to complete made the day very enjoyable"

"Speaker/Trainer was excellent-very knowledgeable and able to put points across in a clear way. She was professional but approachable. She made the session more interesting by use of interactive tasks and video recordings – held groups concentration. Her handout is a very informative reference resource. Her information also gave realistic and practical suggestions – not just legislative solutions. I think everyone in the company should have the opportunity to attend a similar training session."

"I would encourage staff across the company to take the opportunity to attend this training day – very valuable"

"I found the training very useful and interesting. I would like further training in this area"

"The trainer was very professional and dealt well with what could have been a very sensitive issue for the participants – but made everyone feel comfortable enough to discuss their experiences/feelings, etc…"

"The trainer was very knowledgeable about her subject and had lots of signposts if she didn't know the answer"

"Excellent delivery and practical exercises"

"Thought provoking"

"Thank you to Alyson, an excellent facilitator and really offered huge support and wonderful anecdotal stories"

"Very interesting - activities were appropriate and inspiring"

"Excellent trainer"

"Great day"

"Interesting, enjoyable. Thank you very much"

"Engaging speaker"

"Excellent trainer who delivered at a good pace and made us thinks and reflect "

"Alyson was a wealth of information and anecdote"

"Useful resources and knowledgeable trainer

"Excellent delivery - good use of videos "

"Alyson was a joy to watch and listen to - very passionate and informative. Inspiring but able to keep message simple "

"Alyson delivered the training extremely well... really held the room... no feelings of 'get on with it'"

"A training day which I really enjoyed but was not looking forward to- she changed my attitudes- thank you"

Philosophy behind our open training events, conferences and seminars

If organisations are to successfully implement equal opportunities, staff need to update their equality and diversity knowledge, skills, experience and personal and professional development.

The UK is becoming increasingly diverse; in order to meet the diverse needs of service users and staff, employers need to be pro-active in all that they do to promote equality and diversity.

Equality and Diversity UK provides a range of equality and diversity 'intimate' seminars, workshops, briefings, training programmes, information, advice and guidance, all of which support organisations to promote equality and diversity and foster good equality practice. Our open training programmes support delegates to reflect on their attitudes, actions and practice, which helps individuals to increase their self awareness, confidence and competence.

We are skilled at engaging even the most sceptical delegates and in delivering training which is supportive and inclusive.

As well as the following seminars and training events, we also offer tailor-made in-house equality and diversity training courses

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