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Race Equality Awards 2024

In a world that's all about embracing differences and fairness, the Race Equality Awards are a well done for the amazing work done by groups and people who are changing our future for the better.

As we try to make things fair for everyone, we can use these sparks to inspire us all to build a world where everyone feels included and valued.

By nominating for these awards, you're not just looking for recognition for the person or organisation – it's your chance to highlight how dedicated they are to making sure everyone feels included and valued. Show the world the creative ways they have worked towards diversity and equality, and let their commitment shine through.

While conversations around racial equality are at the forefront, these awards are not just relevant; they are a response to the urgent need for transformative action to address systemic issues and promote inclusivity.

There are two awards:

  • Organisational Award
  • Individual Award

Please read the criteria for each award, and make your nominations using the form below

Organisational Award


Demonstrated Commitment to Inclusivity:

  • Evidence of embedded policies, processes, procedures, people development and practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organisation.
  • Initiatives and programmes fostering a sense of belonging for employees of all racial backgrounds.
  • Statistical data illustrating the organisation's efforts in hiring, retaining, and promoting individuals from diverse racial backgrounds.

Community Impact:

  • Description of the organisation's community engagement activities related to race equality.
  • Partnerships with community organisations, NGOs, or initiatives that focus on promoting racial equality and addressing systemic issues.
  • Tangible outcomes or positive changes resulting from the organisation's community impact initiatives.

Innovative Approaches:

  • Innovative strategies or programmes implemented to address racial disparities within the organisation.
  • Examples of unique initiatives or projects that contribute to dismantling racial barriers.
  •  Testimonials or feedback from employees showcasing the effectiveness and positive impact of these innovative approaches.

Measurable Outcomes:

  • Clear documentation of progress made in advancing racial equality within the organisation.
  • Key performance indicators or metrics indicating improvements in representation, employee satisfaction, and workplace equality.
  • Demonstrable efforts to continuously assess and adapt strategies based on feedback and changing circumstances.

Individual Award


Community Leadership:

  • Demonstrated leadership in promoting race equality within the community.
  • Active involvement in community-based projects, organisations, or initiatives addressing racial disparities.
  • Testimonials from community members or organizations highlighting the individual's leadership impact.

Advocacy and Education:

  • Contributions to advocacy efforts aimed at eliminating racial discrimination and promoting understanding.
  • Educational initiatives undertaken to raise awareness about racial issues and promote inclusivity.
  •  Examples of empowering and educating others on the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Innovation in Community Development:

  • Initiatives or projects developed by the individual that contribute to community development and racial equality.
  • Collaboration with various stakeholders, such as local government, NGOs, or businesses, to drive positive change. easurable outcomes and positive changes resulting from the individual's initiatives.

Long-Term Impact:

  • Evidence of sustained efforts and dedication to promoting race equality over an extended period.
  • Stories or testimonials from individuals or communities positively impacted by the nominee's contributions.
  • Demonstrated commitment to ongoing learning and adaptation to address evolving challenges in the field.

Nominations Timetable

1st February 2024

Nominations open!

Make your nomination for the most deserving organisation or individual.

31st August 2024

Nominations close!

Make sure your nomination is in before this date.

16th September 2024

Notification of Successful Nominees

We will publish the list of successful Nominees on our website

October 2024


Winners in each category will be announced

Please note that nominees will be judged based on the information provided in their nominations, and the selection committee's decisions will be final.

We encourage organisations and individuals to showcase their exemplary efforts and dedication to advancing race equality.

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