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Equality and Diversity Training North West

Equality and Diversity UK Ltd provides support to employers in the North West to develop policies on Equal Opportunities, Bullying and Harassment, Health and Safety at Work, Diversity in the Workplace, and many other areas that meet the needs of employers.

We provide support and training in Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire for private companies, local government, PCTs, schools, colleges and Third Sector organisations. Our written materials on equality and employment law are useful for the small business sector.

What services do we offer?

Equality and Diversity UK Ltd tailor-make services designed for the specific needs of your business. This may include equal opportunities and diversity training; needs analysis; benchmarking & auditing; policy development and implementation and Human Resource Management.

Our Services are aimed primarily at the small to medium sized private, public and voluntary sector organisations in the North West - including Manchester, Lancashire , Cheshire and Merseyside. 

All services are individually negotiated and tailored to meet your specific needs. They are delivered within the most up to date context and the specific auditing frameworks and standards relevant to you and your organisation.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your business avoid unlawful discrimination and expensive Employment Tribunals, please contact us.

The advice and support provided by Equality and Diversity UK Ltd will provide the basis for meeting equality obligations and achieving best practice; but each employer will need to ensure they manage their equality obligations in a way that best suits their particular circumstances.

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equality and diversity training Carlisle, Chester, Chorley Are there any business benefits to addressing equality and diversity?

Yes there are. These include helping you find the best people for the job, widening your customer/client base and avoiding costly employment tribunals. We can help you review and enhance your recruitment and selection practices and processes, human resource practice and support you to stamp out bullying and harassment in the workplace.

equality and diversity training Huddersfield, Lancaster, Liverpool Are you able to design and produce information and training materials?

Yes. We have produced resources for a range of national companies and local North West companies that have been targeted at employers, chief executives, employees and partners.

equality and diversity training Nantwich, Oldham, Preston We’re only a small organisation, surely this doesn't affect us?

Most equality legislation applies to all companies regardless of size. It makes sense to ensure that you have the right policies and procedures in place. With more people being aware of their rights in the workplace, more employees are taking their employers to tribunals.

The number of tribunals being brought against small companies rose 15% last year to over 130,000 cases

equality and diversity training Rossendale, Salford, St Helens How is health and safety related to equality and diversity?

The duty of care for the health and welfare of employees is covered by the Health and Safety at Work Act. Undertaking risk assessments is essential in a range of situations including pregnancy, disability, bullying and harassment. Failure to address these issues opens employers up to legal challenge and significant economic consequences.

equality and diversity training Rochdale, Macclesfield, Fylde Can Equality and Diversity UK Ltd help me to write and implement an Equality & Diversity Policy?

Yes. It will be fit for purpose and take into account the size and type of business that you are. Equality and Diversity UK Ltd will help develop an implementation and action plan with monitoring and reviewing processes and procedures we will also support you in training and inducting your staff on the policies developed.

equality and diversity training Stockport, Warrington, Wigan What other policies do I need?

If you employ people, you need an internal grievance procedure, a Harassment and Bullying Policy (sometimes called a Dignity and Respect at Work Policy) and a Health and Safety Policy. Other policies are also helpful, for example with recruitment and selection. Equality and Diversity UK Ltd can help you put the relevant policies and procedures in place.

equality and diversity training Blackburn, Wirral, Bolton What do you charge?

Since all work is tailor-made costings are individually negotiated - charges will vary depending on the nature of the work. Discounts are given for repeat sessions and a previous client discount is applicable when appropriate. Equality and Diversity UK Ltd is happy to discuss your needs and then negotiate a fair price for the work.

To find out more complete our enquiry form. Let us know what type of help you are looking for. We will get back to you with our ideas and costings.

small buisness equality requirementsAlternatively, email us with your requirements

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Equality and diversity training in Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside

We provide both in house training and one day seminars and courses on equality and diversity in Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley and Bury.

We offer equality and diversity training to help employers, public, private, and third sector promote good race relations, equal opportunities, and to eliminate unlawful discrimination on the basis of nationality, colour, disability, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality, religion or age

Training in Equality and Diversity in Carlisle, Chester, Chorley and Fylde for organisations looking to make their workforce more diverse

We offer Equality and diversity training courses in Huddersfield, Lancaster, Liverpool and Macclesfield.

We can provide a free initial assessment of your organisation's needs and tailor-make any training or consultancy to match and fit your organisational culture.

We also offer equality and diversity training in Nantwich, Oldham, Preston, Rochdale and Rossendale.

We work with a number of equality and diversity training Associate Consultants who are selected for their particular areas of knowledge and expertise, and who are all familiar with our standards and practices and are available in Salford, St Helens, Stockport, Warrington, Wigan and Wirral for equality and diversity training


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