Equality and Diversity In House Training Courses

Important Announcement - Covid 19

We will be resuming face to face training sessions from 1st September 2020 as well as contimuing to deliver courses via video conferencing

We offer full day and half day courses. Up to 20 delegates can participate in face to face courses and up to 10 for Zoom courses

Equality and Diversity UK provide in-house courses throughout the country all year round.

Whether you want an established course delivered or an entirely new training package crafted to your specific needs, Equality and Diversity UK’s in-house EDI training can help your organisation meet requirements under the Equality Act 2010 and go beyond compliance. Let us take the hassle out of training with our specialist EDI team.

We can deliver to intimate audiences or provide invaluable one-to-one executive EDI mentoring/coaching. We are dedicated to providing the most relevant and suitable EDI training for your staff at all levels. We provide a pre-course survey to ensure the content has a match and fit with your specific needs; using information provided by you on our pre-course questionnaire, we tailor the training to your needs and circumstances, whether you want a single workshop for your magagers, trainers or team leaders or a series of sessions for the whole organisation.

  • We charge £795 for a full day or £495 for a half day session (up to 3 hours)
  • We can deliver two separate half day sessions in one day for the full day rate
  • Up to 20 delegates per session for face to face. We recommend a maximum of 10 delegates for Zoom courses
  • Please download our Costs and Agreement and Who We Are and What We Do documents for full details

Please complete our Training Enquiry Form giving us the details of the training you require, and we will provide a draft course outline, tailored to your requirements.

Alternatively, complete our Pre-Course Questionnaire which will give us full information on your aims, outcomes and all other information we need to produce a full course outline.

equalty and diversity in-house training

Bullying or Harassment claims?

Accusations of Discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation can have a significant impact on the profile and reputation of a business.

We offer one to one equality and diversity training for directors, managers or indivdual employees

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train the trainer course london manchester

Train the Trainer

One day in-depth training on the effective delivery of equality and diversity. This workshop will enable you increase your effectiveness in designing, planning and delivering Equality and Diversity within your own and other organisations

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equality, diversity, inclusion training manchester london

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Essentials

This course covers the principles of Equality and Diversity in the workplace including both awareness and responsibilities. This course explores attitudes, values and belief in a safe and fair environment taking it far beyond the legislation. We look at the business, moral and legal case for equality.

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Strategies to Become an Anti-Racist Organisation

Strategies to Become an Anti-Racist Organisation

Half of Black Britons say they are just as likely to have experienced racism at work as on the street. This course will introduce you to the complex lived realities of race and ethnic diversity in British society and explore institutional racism, systemic social inequalities, and patterns of discrimination in the workplace.

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unconscous bias training london manchester

Unconscious Bias

The training is intended to alert participants to bias that could affect decisions regarding recruitment, promotion and attitudes to others in the workplace.

The programme includes flexible working initiatives and mentoring

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race, faith and diversity training

Race, Faith and Diversity

This training course deals with managing diversity in the workplace.

It is targeted at supporting staff and managers to proactively plan to meet the needs of racially diverse people.

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equality impact assessment training london manchester

Equality Impact Assessments

Starting at the very beginning, this course takes delegates step by step through all the key elements of the Equality Analysis process.

We will demystify the EA process, assume little or no prior learning and focus on giving delegates time to debate issues, ask questions and then put into practice what they learn.

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equality champions training manchester london

Equality Champions

Equality Champions (often known as Diversity Champions) are recognised as playing a central role in disseminating good practice and encouraging the promotion of equalities within organisations. Equality Champions should be formally represented on the Board of Trustees and/or Equality and Diversity Committees

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disability awareness training

Disability Awareness

This course is suitable to people who want to increase their awareness of disability issues or gain more confidence in working with or supporting people with a disability, impairment or mental ill health. The course gives an in depth understanding of disability, impairments, mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing

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equality in the curriculum for colleges and schools

Embedding Equality into the Curriculum

This course will help you learn more about embedding equality and diversity into both leadership and curriculum development and the competencies needed to achieve this. It provides a starting point for identifying your skills and areas for your own and others’ professional development

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transgender training manchester london

Transgender Awareness

Appreciating the phenomenon of gender variance and discovering how informed good practice can overcome the exclusion or suppression of gender variant people.

Aimed at helping employers to gain an understanding of Gender Variance good practice

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mental ill health training course

Mental Health Awareness

The course is suitable to people who want to increase their awareness of Mental health issues or gain more confidence in working with or supporting people with mental ill health.

The course gives an in depth understanding of mental health (from a diversity viewpoint) and the factors that can affect wellbeing

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prevent training london manchester

Equality and Diversity in Foster Care

Children in Foster Care need to be supported to maintain their cultural identity.

This course is designed to help foster carers fully appreciate the varied backgrounds that young people originate from, the importance of the child’s journey and the impact of transition between foster placements and leaving their birth family.

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lgb awareness training london manchester

LGB Awareness Training

The course introduces the Equality Act 2010 and details the Sexual orientation protected characteristic so you can learn more about what it is are and how to avoid discrimination through your behaviours, language, attitudes, conscious and unconscious bias and actions.

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equality diversity workplace training london manchester

Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

This course is for all line managers at both operational and strategic levels. It will help delegates understand issues relating to discrimination, victimisation and harassment in the workplace - and the confidence to deal with them if they are alleged.

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courageous conversations training london manchester

Courageous Conversations

Knowing what, when and how to challenge can be difficult. Within your role you will, at times, be required to challenge others' behaviour because you think it is potentially discriminatory; there are some attitudes, language and behaviours that are unacceptable: e.g. racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, disablist, ageist. This course prepares you to have those courageous conversations.

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Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent training london manchester

Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent

Aimed at Senior Leaders, Hiring Managers, any staff with recruitment responsibilities who want to know how to recruit diverse talent, build a diverse talent pipeline and retain and progress this talent. Includes:

  • Barriers of entry
  • Sifting and shortlisting candidates fairly and without bias
  • Language use: writing job descriptions, person specifications and selection criteria
  • Becoming a Change Agent
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EDI Training for Recruiters training london manchester

EDI Training for Recruiters

Provides learning and guidance on how to recruit and select talent in an inclusive way. It will help managers to understand the nuances of recruiting for cultural fit to positively impact employee engagement and retention. Includes:

  • The legal context and effective recruitment preparation to reach the widest talent pool
  • Language use: writing job descriptions, person specifications and selection criteria
  • Sifting and shortlisting candidates fairly and without bias
  • The interview: inclusive interview skills
  • Post-interview considerations
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Race and Allyship training london manchester

Race and Allyship

This course is aimed at Senior Leaders and employees who want an in-depth understanding of Allyship, what it means to be an Ally and actions to take. Includes:

  • Allyship – What does it mean?
  • The importance of an Ally
  • What it means to be an Ally
  • The roles Allies play
  • Microaggressions
  • Becoming a Change Agent
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Examples of other courses we offer

Below are some examples of in-house courses we have run for various organisations. Please note that all of our courses are tailored to your exact requirements

The event will identify what to do to ensure you are working within the law and within good practice in all the protected characteristics of the new Equality Act. Workshops will look at all key changes i.e. Positive Action, Public duties, etc.
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A one day training course designed to raise awareness of your understanding and responsibilities in relation to Flexible Working. Delegates will get the opportunity to examine their own or others Flexible working policies and practices and design new approaches using what they have learnt from the seminar
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A one day training course designed to raise awareness of your understanding and responsibilities in relation to Equality and Diversity. This course is aimed at people who are looking for a basic grounding in equality and diversity issues. No previous knowledge is required. It would, for example, suit people working for organisations that provide services to local authorities and needs to evidence a knowledge of equality and diversity practices and procedures
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It is widely acknowledged that valuing diversity and promoting inclusion better enables organisations to address the business, morale and legal case for equality and diversity. However, we know that shifting policies from paper to practical reality is challenging for managers and for staff This course aims to explore anti-oppressive ways of working and to making equity an everyday reality. The training courses will encourage participants to consider the implications of inequalities and the effects on individuals, to actively challenge all discriminatory treatment and to create an environment where equality is fostered and diversity is valued.

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According to research the average person who has a "bad service" experience tells at least nine others about it and 13% of complainants relate their experience to more than 20 other people. Good customer care matters. Dissatisfied customers spread the bad news and undermine your business, which ultimately reflects on your organisation’s profile and reputation. This course focuses on ensuring that customer facing staff effectively deliver on equality for your organisation.

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This is a one day course suitable for all practitioners and Managers who work with young people and/or adults. This course aims are: To raise awareness about the impact of transphobia and homophobia on people who are lesbian, gay bisexual or unsure of their sexual orientation.To explore ways of making environments safe for LGBT young people and/or adults including thinking about how to challenge homophobic behaviour and language.

Please email us for more information on this course

This course is aimed at those who have a responsibility for managing people and those who are involved in recruitment and selection as well as employees to aid their understanding of their personal responsibility. The course covers; definitions of the different type of discrimination; understanding prejudice; stereotyping and discrimination; the Equality Act 2010; good practice; practical ideas for development; positive action within the workplace.

Please email us for more information on this course
This is a course for all staff who manage others. The workshop encourages managers to consider the practical application of the Organisation’s Equality and Diversity Policy within The workplace and Departments and ensures that managers not only understand their roles and responsibilities within the context of equality legislation but also how to promote equality, tackle all forms of discrimination and foster positive relationships between diverse groups in the workplace.

Please email us for more information on this course
Customised Equality and Diversity Training for Staff at all levels. We offer customise workshops for teams within the organisations on all the protected characteristics. Although all workshops will cover some generic equality issues there is an opportunity to tailor the training to suit the particular situation of a team and link it to other areas of activity e.g. customer service and working with diverse groups

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EDUK offers tailored development sessions for all staff. Sessions explore issues and barriers faced by people with disabilities and strategies to provide an inclusive experience. Sessions can focus on a specific disability or condition, including:
  • Asperger’s syndrome and related conditions
  • Visual impairment
  • Deaf awareness
  • Mental health difficulties
  • Dyslexia
  • Physical Disabilities
Please email us for more information on this course
This course will be suitable for all those organisations subject to OFSTED inspections (Common Inspection Framework) and will be particularly suitable for managers in the learning and skills sector.
Preparing for Ofsted Inspection
Capturing the learner's voice and working with learners is central to a customer-focused quality improvement strategy. OFSTED Inspectors make extensive use of learner feedback in making judgments and good practice in relation to their experience of equality and diversity. This workshop is designed to share good practice of strategies for surveying learners about their equality experience within the college environment.
Consulting Learners
This course will be appropriate across all sectors for any person with an equality and diversity responsibility, including those that are small business owners or those businesses that do not have a diversity or HR manager.
HR everyday practice - equality, diversity and inclusion
The aim of this Interviewing Skills training session is to ensure all participants are aware of the impact that the Equality Act 2010 has made on recruitment and selection processes within their organsiations, Aimed at HR professionals and managers who carry out interviews

Interviewing Skills
This course is suitable for all those wishing to develop their intercultural competencies, but will be particularly useful for colleagues who have managerial responsibilities and those working in the area of Human Resources and Organisational development.
Intercultural Competencies
Seventy-five per cent of those experiencing domestic abuse are targeted at work and it is often possible for perpetrators to use workplace resources such as phones, email and other means to threaten, harass or abuse their current or former partner This course aims to help line managers understand issues relating to domestic abuse in the workplace - and the confidence to deal with it when it arises
Domestic Abuse: A Workplace Issue
This workshop will support professionals, foster carers and adoptive parents how to promote positive racial, ethnic and cultural identity in their black, mixed race or minority ethnic children.

Improving Care for Black and Minority Ethnic Children in Social Care
This course is designed to help foster carers to fully appreciate the varied backgrounds that young people originate from. It also covers the need to respect and promote each child and young person’s unique personality, social circumstances and cultural background including aspects of discrimination. The trainer, as well as being an equalities specialist, is also a foster carer.
Equality and Diversity in Foster Care

Our Training Philosophy

Our training programmes have been developed and refined since 1997. Our training is effective because it is:

  • Innovative: using activities such as, formal delivery, participants activities, shared knowledge, case studies, videos, role plays and small group work to ensure involvement and interest.
  • Carrot - not a stick: challenging attitudes towards diversity and equality without being confrontational, so that participants question their own beliefs, assumptions and behaviour.
  • Self reflective: concentrating on behaviours which are required by your organisation's policy, by high standards of business conduct and by the law.
  • Broad in coverage: covering legislation, diversity and 'difference' in its broadest sense, and gender, ethnicity, disability and other specific areas in your policy, in employment and service delivery.
  • Sector specific: ensuring that components of the training, such as case studies and policy and procedural matters, are relevant to you.
  • Delivered by experienced facilitators: our associate are able to offers sector specific, equality and diversity experience and knowledge, management experience and organisational know how.

We will discuss and agree the precise content of the training programme (we offer pre- training questionnaires to all staff to help this process). All training is then genuinely tailored to your needs and circumstances, whether you want a single workshop or an in- house programme.

All our training is supported by high quality hand books. Pre-course activities are used to encourage delegates to consider the issues before the training and to ensure that the programme is tailored to specific needs. All programmes have a set day/half day rate. All our work is evaluated and changes made where necessary to ensure quality and relevance.

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race equality training. social inclusion trainingEquality and diversity training. Equal opportunities training

We pride ourselves on offering extended support to clients, working in partnership with you to develop your business through your staff

Working with Equality and Diversity UK you can be assured that you will receive:

  • Relevant and smart outcomes – Underpinning knowledge on its own is not enough, all Equality and Diversity UK programmes focus on how you and your staff can practically apply what you have learnt back at the ranch and achieve measurable results
  • Solutions not problems – our training looks at the barriers you face but will also provide you with effective solutions we ensure that all training programmes are specifically tailored to meet your organisation's requirements
  • Extended Support – After the training we continue to offer you advice and support for up to one year (as and when required )to help you and your staff to implement policies and practices.

equal opportunities training Race equality training, Social inclusion training

Topics to choose from include:

  • Inclusion and equal opportunities
  • Discrimination, Harassment, Victimisation and Bullying
  • Avoiding discrimination and creating safe environments
  • The benefits of an effective diversity policy
  • The diversity challenge - assessment
  • The nine protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010: race, gender, disability, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy an maternity
  • Building equality into everyday practice
  • Equality awareness
  • Unconscious Bias - Understanding assumptions, stereotyping and prejudice
  • Exploring Equal Opportunities & Diversity
  • Managing Diversity
  • Diversity & Dignity at work
  • Equality and diversity in employment
  • Inducting staff
  • Inducting learners
  • Race, identity and culture

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social inclusion training Disability discrimination training and Inclusive Learning

What can be included in your equality training programme?

  • An explanation of the organisation’s approach to equality and why it is important.
  • What your equality policy means in practice along with background information; for example, dealing with facts, myths and preconceived ideas about equality, challenging stereotypes and bias
  • The business, moral and legal case for equality, in relation to both customers and staff.
  • The roles and responsibilities of staff in implementing policies and practice
  • Relations with colleagues and dealing with discrimination, victimisation, harassment and bullying
  • Providing staff with resources/ materials that they can use to reinforce and support the training.
  • Specialists training for staff that are responsible for recruitment, selection, appraisal, and supervision, etc., on how to effectively apply equality principles in these areas
  • Customer service training (this is accompanied by a handbook)
  • The opportunity for employees to raise/share concerns.

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Notes about in house online training

The maximum number of delegates in a session is 10

Full day sessions are charged at £795 and are normally 10 am to 3.30 pm. Half day sessions are charged at £495 and are maximum 3 hours. Two half day sessions on the same day are charged at just the full day rate.

Delegate packs are emailed to the organisation  normally 7 days prior to the training

Cancellations notified more than four weeks in advance of the Course will incur no charges. Cancellations made less than four weeks before the event will be charged on a sliding scale (see our Costs and Agreement). Postponements may be accepted with no additional charge depending on the circumstances.

A certificate will be provided for delegates that complete the post course feedback to confirm that learning has taken place.


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